Jen’s Back As she Swaps Seats In The New Emirates Advert


Jennifer Aniston makes a return to the Emirates A380 and makes a new friend in a brand new advert following her last, much talked about ad launched last year.

The fun and light-hearted ad features Jen making friends with a young boy who she finds playing in her private suite in the Emirates First Class cabin.

Striking up a convo, they walk through business class before stopping at the onboard lounge to grab a carrot juice, then they are seen taking a seat on the stairs between the upper and lower deck of the aircraft talking away. The boy named Cooper tells Jen about his future aspirations of becoming a pilot.

The pair eventually arrive in economy class where Coopers parents are surprised to see Jen as she chooses to stay with Cooper and the inflight entertainment whilst Coopers mum enjoys the luxury of Jen’s private suite in the Emirates First Class cabin.

This ad certainly put a smile on our face and reminded us of just how much we love Jen and how much we want to get on a plane and fly somewhere now.



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