Tribe Skincare-The New Natural Way To Treat Eczema


Having lived with eczema for most of my childhood and in my twenties, I know how terrible it can be. For years, I worried when it would flare up and sods law meant that it would creep in just before an important event like prom night or before a date. Finding the right remedy and skincare for eczema was a nightmare.

I tried steroid creams but I found myself reacting to them so I tried other methods such as chinese herbs, which I remember queing up at 6am for an appointment to see a chinese doctor in China Town and being given a concoction of awful tasting herbs which actually worked quite well.

I also saw an Ayuvedic doctor, who gave me a number of foods to avoid based on my body composition, I was a ‘Vata’ type and was told to avoid spices, mushrooms and a few other things, this too was quite helpful.

My condition only improved when I did a combination of things including managing my stress levels with yoga and a bit of meditation, eating a balanced diet, using skincare which was as close to natural as could possibly be and the combination of Chinese Herbs and Ayuvedic remedies.

So my first thoughts when Tribe Skincare came to my attention were ‘Are you serious? Where have you literally been all my life’?

Tribe Skincare was born out of the growing demand for natural traditional remedies to restore skin to its optimum health and vitality. The brand believes that any skin condition must always be treated from the inside out. Clearing eczema without steroids is multi-faceted with a more comprehensive approach, one which considers all aspects of how the skin organ works to moisturise itself and how the skin is affected by the digestive, circulatory, and nervous systems that support it.

The philosophy of the Tribe Skincare brand is based on Chinese, Ayurvedic, and Naturopathic healing rituals, providing a way of treating eczema, sensitive and damaged skin by combining the traditional approach of using only 100% Natural Skincare (to nourish and protect skin) with Organic Raw Super-Powders (nature’s most potent medicine to boost the immune system) and Organic Herbal Teas (botanical blends carefully formulated to work together to heal the skin from the inside out).

The goal is to clear eczema and effectively care for sensitive skin through four phases that reduce eczema-related inflammation on the outside of the body by harmonizing the inner systems of the body, and finally through nourishing the skin by using mild cleansers and natural skin care products that respect the hydrolipidic film, pH, and bacterial flora of the skin.

I just think its awesome that Tribe Skincare has combined the elements of what helped my eczema in one brand.

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By Natasha J Gordon


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