Top Travel Tips From The Girl Who Knows How To Do It Right


If you’ve been contemplating going travelling but not known where to start or how to go about it, today may just be the day where you take your very first steps. MoonSoulSteps Travel Blogger, Shanice caught the travel bug a few years ago when her burning passion for performing arts faded following a car accident.

Realising she always felt her best whilst planning her next holiday, she knew that travelling was what she had to do.

Shanice has built name for herself whilst visiting 85 cities around the world, inspiring others with her ‘can do’ attitude especially to those who feel stuck and unable to set themselves free.

We caught up with Shanice to get some valuable advice on how and why you should take those first steps to trecking our beautiful globe.

What advice would you give to budding travellers?

To anyone thinking of travelling to multiple countries, cities or island
hopping. Do it! Is humans do very well at stopping ourselves from doing
what we truly want to do. Be kinder to yourself. There’s no way you can
fulfil your dreams by ignoring them. The people that are close to you
should be supportive of your decisions and there are plenty of ways you can
communicate with loved ones now thanks to video chat and social media

What made you start travelling in the first place?

I noticed that I always felt at my best whilst planning my next holiday.
I’ve never been the hardcore party holiday girl! But creating the chance to
explore new places and learn firsthand about different cultures felt and
still feels extremely fulfilling!

Whenever I arrived home from a trip, I got way more than the holiday blues.
It was a constant urge to live, travel and create. I realised how unhappy I
was to constantly work and not feeling as good as I knew I could.

Instead of complaining, I decided to do something about it. Last summer I
decided to work flat out working 3 jobs for an entire year and then to
travel for as long as I could.

What would you say the best way to start?

If you have specific places in mind, read, read and READ. There are plenty
of magazines, books, blogs, websites and Facebook groups that are packed
with useful information and other people’s own experiences in the places
you’d like to visit.

Secondly, don’t be afraid to ask questions! There are Facebook travel
groups such as Girls Love Travel, Travelettes and Travel Talk. In these
community groups you are able to ask for advice, most of the group members
are travellers or people who are thinking of travelling! It’s a great way
to openly ask relevant questions and get great advice.

Sometimes we don’t have a clue and we need to speak to a travel agent! I
booked an appointment with STA travel to get an idea of what is available
to me and what is in my price range. Saying that, I did not book straight
away: I went back home and did some research.

Group tour also a great way to dip your toes in. I have firsthand
experience with Intro Travel and I would highly recommend booking with
them! I have also heard great things about G Adventures. You can browse
various tour companies/packages and read reviews on TourRadar.

What are the essentials you pack?

My top essentials are:
– passport and a clear copy of your passport saved on email (also send this
to a family member or close friend, just incase your passport goes missing)
– first aid kit (always replenish)
– travel insurance
– common sense!
– my camera
– refillable waterbottle
– smart phone (to use WiFi on if it’s available and a back up for taking
photos and videos)
– an old brick phone (for use in the country you are in, by a local SIM
card every where you go)
– chargers and 2 universal plugs
– insect repellent
– worldwide cashcard
– silk sleeping bag liner (not all hostels have beds that look inviting and
it’s always better to be safe from things like bed bugs).
– suncream (only pack one bottle and buy as and when you need it)
– natural soap bars and shampoo bars (save space and avoid spillages in
your backpack/suitcase)
– microfibre Travel towel (it saves space and soaks up water as well as
dries out very quickly.
– a daypack (for day trips and one off over night stays so you can leave
your backpack/luggage somewhere safe and travel light)
– sleeping eye mask and ear plugs

The best place you’ve ever visited and why?

This is such a tough question because every place I’ve visited so far has
so much to offer! So far my favourite place I’ve visited so far is New
Zealand. I spent 6 weeks in NZ and I travelled from the North to the deep
South Island. The well kept land, mãori culture, adrenaline junky
activities, hikes and atmosphere is addictive!

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