Tired of Carrying a Handbag? Meet The Clutchfolio


Never able to decide which handbag matches my outfit or being in a complete rush so i’m not the last one at a meeting, I normally roll in with my notepad, my phone, set of keys and a pen.

It literally happened just the other day and to top it off, the meeting began with networking over coffee and croissants before me having to rush to the next meeting clutching onto additional bits of paper I was given in this meeting. So basically, I had my notepad under my arms, keys round my finger and phone in my hand. Needless to say I couldn’t shake anyone’s hand and yes I did drop my keys at least once.

Yes, I could have just decided on a handbag that day but I didn’t. There are days when I just don’t want a heavy handbag hanging off my forearms and besides my dress didn’t match any I had.

So what’s the alternative? The Clutchfolio, which is dubbed as The ultimate accessory for the woman on the go.

An elegant, compact and multi-functional accessory for those who wish to write in style! I write a lot of notes in meetings and I doodle, its my way of processing stuff.
A lightweight writing folio with a unique built-in clutch to carry essentials. Perfect when travelling from meeting to meeting.
A5 Clutchfolio can accommodate a notepad, pen, business cards, loose documents and has a separate clutch compartment for essentials such as your phone, keys and any other small items you may wish to carry with you to meetings, for me its lipgloss. The perfect companion for the woman on the move.

The Clutchfolio retails at £189 and fall colours include navy, burgundy and emerald

Pre-orders before August 31st, 2018 receive complimentary initial personalisation.


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