The Fragrance Shop Launches New Subscription Service

Fragrance lovers will be thrilled to know that The Fragrance Shop has just launched ‘Scentaddict’, a new fragrance subscription service.
Just like that one guy who you think is the one before you get to know him, we’ve all bought that one bottle of perfume which has gone to waste because we didn’t try it before webought it. Sometimes it takes using something more than once before we decide that we like or dislike something. You now get to date your fragrance before you make that commitment.
For just £12 per month (including free postage and anytime cancellation), ‘scentaddict’ customers can choose from an impressive 200+designer scents, including top names from Viktor & Rolf, Diesel, Paco Rabanne and Dolce & Gabbana.

Just like finding the right partner ‘Scentaddict’ members are encouraged to flirt with different scents each month to find the one they love.

Once a fragrance has been chosen, a team of ‘scentaddict’ experts will carefully fill
a luxury reusable 8ml atomiser (which equates to approximately 100 sprays) with the chosen fragrance (complete with The Fragrance Shop guarantee) and package it ready to be sent to the customer within 14 days. What’s more, customers that fall in love with their new scent can redeem the £12 subscription cost against the price of full sized bottle either in-store or online using a unique discount code.
Each month, the scentaddict team will send the subscriber a new refill
for their scentaddict atomiser, giving the customer the chance to change their fragrance selection or simply receive the same one they’ve fallen in love with.
scentaddict can be signed up to online at, or in-store at any The Fragrance Shop store nationwide.


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