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Best Dating Apps To Try In 2021 for singles over 40

Suddenly single at the age of 41, I had no clue where to start when it came to dating. My younger cousins who were fifteen years younger than me and were all on two or three dating apps. The first thing I did was to ask them what the best dating app was.

It was the first time I was single after sixteen years, I met all my long and short term relationships in bars, clubs, whilst out and about, at college, university and through friends. That’s how most people met.

Some people had pen friend boyfriends whilst I was at school where you’d write letters and post them to your boyfriend or girlfriend. Most of us would call each other on the home phone, there were no texting, messaging, well if you were lucky you had a pager.

So as you can imagine, I was a little fearful yet strangely excited at the same time, I thought i’d give Bumble a go. It was fairly simple to set up, the biggest challenge was knowing what to write in my bio. I actually learned quite a fair bit about bio’s and the difference it makes to have a good dating profile bio.

After popping my dating app cherry with Bumble, I experimented with Tinder, Plenty of Fish and a few others. I had a great time being on the apps, went on dates and met new people. I even recommended my ex husband joined the dating app world, we’d parted as friends before getting back together again, this time we’re deeply connected and our marriage is now amazing.

Here are my top five dating apps for singles over 40 in 2021:

  1. 1. Bumble
  2. 2. Tinder
  3. 3. Plenty of Fish
  4. 4. Hinge
  5. 5. *New* POM

I’ll be featuring more on these dating apps over the next week.

If you want to feel fulfilled, loved and desired after a break up or in a struggling relationship, send a email to coaching@hagg.la



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