SUNKISSED- The Self-Tan Product That Sold Out On Social Media

May Day or maybe not? Its May 1st and if you’re anything like us you’re counting the days till Friday…yes its bank holiday weekend.

With holidays, parties, rooftop bars around the corner, its no wonder self-tan brand ‘Sunkissed’ sold out of its award winning Exfoliating Tan Remover last week following a customer raving about the product on social media which went viral.

Panic not, they have a newer and improved new version which has been re-named Body Primer which is now available on the Sunkissed website, along with the rest of the tanning range.

Sunkissed tan products are designed to make creating your beautiful bronze glow quick and easy. The Sunkissed Body Primer is said to exfoliate your skin to leave a brilliant, smooth base which helps prolong your tan and keep it even for longer.

The Sunkissed Double Sided Application Mitt is the first mitt to offer 100% leak-proof protection for your hands and wrists when tanning. The super-soft flock is meant to leave NO pesky tan patches or leaks around the sides of your hands. The best bit about this mitt is it lasts twice as long as the single-sided mitts.
Sunkissed Tan Expert Cheryle Britton’s top tip for maintaining your healthy-looking glow
is to use the Sunkissed Gradual Tan in a shade lighter than yourself-tan mousse. Apply 2-
3 times a week like a regular body lotion. The nourishing formula will moisturise your skin and maintain, or prolong your glow!
All Sunkissed products are Vegan-Friendly and free of parabens.

RRP £3.00, Superdrug

RRP £4.00,

RRP £4.00, Superdrug

RRP £4.00, Superdrug