Skin Nourishment For Winter Worn Skin: Tropic Skincare’s NEW Whipped Body Velvet TM

The long drawn out winter can be extremely drying for the skin, the dry air from the central heating, the bitterly cold weather, that extra time spent under a hot shower or in a hotter than usual bath can all leave the skin dehydrated and tight.
Rehydrating by drinking plenty of water and adding a bowl of water (moisture bowl) next to your radiators can help along with good nourishing skincare.
Whilst on the hunt for a good vegan nourishing body cream for one of our readers, we came across Tropic Skincare’s WHIPPED BODY VELVET TM intensely rich buttermelt, a fluffy and intensely rich body butter, designed to comfort and cocoon even the driest skin.
This heavenly whipped treat melts at body temperature to effortlessly smooth over the skin like velvet. Formulated with exotic rarabe butter, sourced from Madagascan community projects, to lock in moisture, whilst naturally scenting the buttermelt with a warm caramel aroma. Rich in omega 3, 6 and 9, oil from superfood baoba conditions the skin, whilst deeply moisturising.
The rich aroma of Madagascan vanilla is complimented by macadamia oil and warm rarabe butter and applied after showering or bathing, whilst the skin is still warm and pores are still open makes this body velvet feel like the most luscious ritual and maximises the results of the buttermelt.
Tropic are the first company in the UK to use rarabe butter within their products, making the Whipped Body VelvetTM something special to treasure.
Tropic Skincare’s mission has always been to create natural, cruelty free products that will genuinely benefit the skin. No toxic chemicals, just nutritious ingredients and luxurious, pampering products that always stay true to their core ‘Pure. Honest. Effective.’ ethics.


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