Oily/Combination Skin: How Facial Oils Helped My Breakouts


Having treated many clients with oily/combination skin over the past 20 years and suffering with it myself, I know the feeling of having good skin one minute and thick oily skin with breakouts the next.

My oily/combination skin woes began when I was 16 years old. It felt like my skin changed almost overnight.

By the time I was 18 years old, my skin was at it’s worst. My skin was super shiny and I was breaking out a lot. Covering it up with make up didn’t help either as it just clogged my skin even more and made it look caked up with thick make up.

It didn’t help that i’d just started working in a West London salon where people would pay nearly £60 for a facial to help them achieve beautiful skin.

I was a great therapist but my manager did say I needed to do more to help my skin, if my clients were to have faith in me helping them achieve the results with their skin. She gave me an oil and a balm by Decleor, the brand we used at the salon.

I remember thinking ‘is she mad?’ this woman was asking me to put oil on my oily skin. I was yet to do my Decleor training so I had no idea, how this would work.

Deciding to just go with it, I applied the oil twice a day and the balm in the evening as directed. The balm was thicker than the oil and felt greasy as hell.

Surprisingly within two weeks, my skin was clear and was 95% less oily. It worked! Not only did it work for me but it worked for every single client I recommended it too. Never in a million years did I think that using an oil on oily skin would help.

How did it work?

Derived from 100% natural ingredients, the oil helped to balance the excess sebum with its aromatherapy properties. Each ingredient did its part to help.

Whilst the balm felt greasy in the pot when applied, it felt touch dry and absorbed into the skin. It soften the blackheads and blocked pores so once i’d cleansed my skin in the morning it looked brighter and clearer.

Other Brands

Back in the 90’s there were few brands who had oils for oily skin. A lot of people used ‘on the supermarket shelves’ solutions. I found that some left my skin dry, which tricked my skin into thinking it needed to produce more oil.

So great to see a few more oils for oily/combination skin available on the market these days.

I recently came across Inner Senses face oils which are able to deeply penetrate the skin, delivering gentle yet potent nutrients such as Essential Fatty Acids (Omega 3, 6 & 9), vitamins and minerals to the skin’s deepest layers, repairing and protecting from deep within and contributing towards a healthy skin barrier.

The Deep Blue C Facial Oil  is a daily treatment oil specifically formulated to help manage, prevent and heal oily, breakout prone and sensitive skin.

Its packed full of soothing, naturally antiseptic and healing ingredients, including black cumin, pomegranate, turmeric and tamanu, combined with a trio of potent blue oils – blue yarrow, blue tansy and blue chamomile – which incorporates powerful anti-inflammatory chamazulene, to calm irritation. Vitamin C-rich antioxidants. prickly pear and baobab, help heal, regenerate and protect the skin, whilst revealing a smoother, clearer and more toned complexion.

My Skin Today

I rarely have breakouts now and still take good care of my skin. It can be a little sensitive if its not looked after but its way better than it was before.

My diet and intake of water is good and I take multivitamin supplements so all this helps.

I’ve been using Green People’s Damask Rose Facial Oil For All Skin Types for the past few month. It smells great and my skin feels great the next day.

I’m happy to experiment with different types of oils on my skin now as long as its naturally derived.

This post is not sponsored by any of the brands mentioned. The results are based on my own experience and the results i’ve achieved with my past clients.

To find more about the Deep Blue C Facial Oil Visit: www.innersenses.co.uk

By Natasha J Gordon, Co Founder of HaGGLA, Author & Former Beauty Expert


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