OFFICE TALK: Why The Typical 8 Hour Work Day Should Be Banned


I remember coming across an article back in 2013 about a man who got the sack for outsourcing his work to China out of his own salary and thinking that this guy is a legend.

Having never done a typical Monday to Friday, 9-5 day myself, it’s kinda easy for me to commend this guys genius. My parents worked in mental health, their working week and hours were all over the place and my career has been in ecommerce and beauty where there is no typical work day especially when you running the show and outsourcing myself but its not so easy for some to comprehend.

Bob, the programmer paid someone to do his job which allowed him to spend his work day flicking through Facebook, browsing Ebay and looking at cat pics and rather than his bosses seeing his genius way of delegating and making the most of it, he lost his job.

Moving in today, early 2018 we often hear moans and groans about the generation of today not having the work ethics of previous generation and I couldn’t help but think ‘is it a question of work ethic’ or is it that as we are in an era where work can be automated or outsourced, we no longer need to be spending eight hours a day on top of a commute, in some cases a long one on doing mind numbing tasks when we could be sharpening our tools through self-development, learning, play and using our productivity and skills in other areas of the company in a multidisciplinary approach so we can broaden our horizons and help out the company we work for at the same time.

What if our work day included time for a little exercise to get our mind’s little pharmacy of mood boosting chemicals such as serotonin and dopamine going, self-development and learning to sharpen our tools, a little play time to boost our creativity and some time crossing boundaries into other departments so we can develop in other areas and not feel stuck.

Research shows that the average worker is only productive for around three hours a day, so what if we were to focus on making those three hours the most effective three hours of the day by changing the way we do things in the office environment as above. It would be interesting to see how many more sales the sales department make in less time because they are feeling great, motivated and happy, how much more employees get done and how much easier it is to fill in gaps when one department is short because you now have team members who have a multidisciplinary approach and can help out, which is not only useful to the company but makes the day more interesting.

Is it possible to move away from a system that was built for the industrial age when we are now in the Information Age AKA Digital Age? Are companies willing to help bring out the best of the individuals in their teams or are we good how we are?

Richard Branson quotes on the Virgin website:

If everyone could live with the spirit of the child, the world would be a better place.

The secret of genius is to carry the spirit of the child into old age, which means never losing your enthusiasm

By Natasha J Gordon, Author & Co-founder of HaGGLA


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