News Just In: UK Bans Microbeads


Ethical brands are celebrating a landmark decision made today to ban Microbeads in the UK, which means plastic microbeans can no longer be used in (rinse off) cosmetics and personal care products in the UK and will be followed by a ban on sales in July.

The news was welcomed greatly by UK based Natural brand, Neal’s Yard Remedies who have have been campaigning loudly for over the last couple of years in store and across social media, educating their customers about microplastics and the natural alternatives available.

As part of this, they called for change, sharing the joint petition by Fauna & Flora International, Greenpeace UK, Environmental Investigation Agency and Marine Conservation Society that finished with over 350,000 signatures.

In addition they were the only brand to be quoted in support of a ban in the Environmental Audit Committee recommendations report in 2016 that lead to the government announcing the ban.

Neal’s Yard Remedies quoted “Today’s news is an incredible achievement, although there is still a lot of work to be done with an estimated eight million tons of plastic-the equivalent of over 26,000 Boing 747 planes being swept into our seas and oceans every single year. There are a number of things we can do to help, here are just a few:

-Commit to using microbead free personal care products until they are completely off the shelves in July- there are so many amazing natural alternatives such as sea salt, pumice, and ground apricot kernals!

-Ditch the plastic bottles- carry around reusable water bottles. Stay tuned to hear about our in store refill stations.

-Wrap up warm and head down to the beach and join your local beach clean-up crew”.

To find out more on Neal’s Yard Remedies visit


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