New Make Up: Lancôme X Proenza Schouler

If you love fashion collabs with your favourite beauty brands you’ll love this new make up launch.
Lancôme are no strangers to a great collaborations. This is because of their innate affinity and passion for fashion. Lancôme each year selects a fashion house with whom to collaborate on a desirable, limited new make up edition and one-off collection.
This fall its collaboration is with American fashion house Proenza Schouler. Established in 2002 by designers Jack M cCollough and Lazaro Hernandez, the multi award-winning brand draws inspiration from contemporary art and youth culture, producing consistently fresh and modern pieces with a uniquely artisanal attention to detail.
Proenza Schouler now shares its vision of beauty with Lancôme, bringing a meeting of minds, and act of innovation, a freedom to expore and a celebration of craftmanship.
THE ART OF COLOUR Jack M cCollough and Lazaro Hernandez describe their collection for Lancôme as “Strong, graphic, ultra-pigmented…” Inspired by “Colour, in all its power and glory, we wanted strong shades and bold strokes. We immersed ourselves in work by painters like Ellsworth Kelly and Carmen Herrera with a distinctive and hard edged approach to colour and shape.”
Wanting to pay homage to Lancôme’s tradition, McCollough and Hernandez rethought, reworked and redrew the rose–the brand’s long-standing emblem.
Reimagined infuchsia, orange and bright blue,it became an abstract incarnation
of the original.
Through this lens, the collection emerged. Products were designed with the innovative spirit of all Proenza Schouler designs-Colour at the forefront. Ultra-matte formulations were
produced to permit graphic colour-blocking,while intensely pigmented crayons were imagined  for finer, more linear effects. The result? A carefully created and inspiring tool kit designed to
produce brave, modern makeup statements.
The new make up collection features an eye palette, highlighter palette, lipsticks in 4 different shades, lip and eye kajals, nail polish, a make up bag and mascara.
The collection is now exclusively available at John Lewis


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