New Detangling Brush: Hair Podz Diamond Brush


The maker of innovative hair products, Hair Secretz has launched a diamond of hair brush  that detangles your hair in no time and looks good coming our of your handbag.

Hair Secretz founder Deane realised that he couldn’t find a hairbrush that provided both the detangling and styling elements that his daughter needed for her long hair.

Having successfully collaborated with Nickelodeon to produce a 2-in-1 styling brush sold globally, the Hair Podz Diamond Brush was created to bring some glamour to
every woman’s daily hair styling ritual.

About the Brush

The new Diamond Brush from Hair Secretz features a glittering crystal from Swarovski and has been ergonomically designed to fit into the palm of your hand and allow for maximum control, meaning that hair is detangled and smoothed in seconds.

The brush features triple flexology bristles, three different lengths glide through hair to ensure that even the most-tangled locks are left silky soft. Its innovative and patented technology,  bristles on the brush can also be lifted up and pivoted around to reveal a diamond-shaped
compact mirror, as well as storage inside the brush for clips and ties.

Available in three beautiful colour choices – Powder Pink | Cherry Red | Sugar White

Hair Podz Diamond Brush – available for £12.99,


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