Magic Mirror – Why You’ll Never Look At Yourself In The Same Way Again


If you are anything like us, you’d take everything but your kitchen sink in your handbag if you could. Anything which can made smaller and fit into our handbags is aways welcome and ‘Magic Mirror’ is just that.

When we first heard about the full length mirror which folds away nicely to fit into your handbag, we thought, yeh ‘its a great little gizmo for festivals or for travelling’ but little did we know that it was something which could become a core part of our daily life.

damask-cut-out-hresOriginally designed for fashion-conscious festival-goer, touring performers, and professional make-up artists, Magic Mirror is more than just something to be brought out for occasions, it should be in everyones handbag.

Being constantly on the go, doing quick changes going from office to drinks or first dates and for simply just wanting to do your make-up or hair whilst being able to get a front, left and right side view in one go and be able to do it any light and not just in the cold and poorly lit toilet mirror are all reasons why the ‘Magic Mirror’ is a must.

olive-cut-out-hresThe clever mechanism of Magic Mirror allows it to be used in three different ways depending on how you wish to use it:
Vanity- Placed on the side, Magic Mirror can stand alone on a flat surface.
Full length open -Magic Mirror can be hung by its tie ribbon and
ideal for full outfit checks.
Pyramid- This allows two people to use the mirror at the same
time by laying the Magic Mirror on its side, triptych style for sociable makeup application.

We love a good life hack when we see one.

Ready for your Autumn
2016 Magic Mirror has launched four new designs in Damask, Olive, Black and Raspberry.
Magic Mirror (from £45.00) can be purchased online at and other major outlets nationwide.


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