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Having seen bubble wrap nails and jelly nails create a little internet divide over the past few weeks, we’re looking for less wacky yet still incredible!

Stumbling upon the Nails Inc site, we’ve found what we’re looking for and some. So many goodies in one place we just can’t even! To top it all, Nails Inc have 20% off all products for 48 hours only.

Brighten up with the ‘Bright Ambition’ nail polish range, be festival ready AF with the ‘Flock You Nail Polish Duo or unleash your inner mermaid with the Self-Made Mermaid Nail Polish Duo.

Enough about the nail game, we’re all about the ‘sheet masks’ right now. Always up for a quick fix, we’ve tried two of them pre and post night out. Sparkle Like A Unicorn which we applied before going out on Friday night and Inc.redible 40 Winks Anti-Ageing Sheet Mask for Monday evening after a boozy weekend and spending most of Monday hungover at work.

Firstly, our make up glided on nicely, our skin looked smooth and yes we had to fight off a few fella’s…..our skin confidence was high! Secondly, Not having the energy to apply the mask before work on a Monday morning (which would have been the right thing to do a btw) it was applied on Monday evening as catching a glimpse of a tired post mad weekend face in the mirror or phone reflection was not a pretty sight.

It was a different story on Tuesday though after masking, drinking plenty of water and getting a good night sleep. Smoother and fresher skin all round!

To get 20% off all Nails Inc products, you have 48 hours from 10th August 2018. Get in there! Click Here: Nails Inc

We’re not sponsored but may make a commission from sale. We only write about the stuff we love!

Click Here for Sheet Masks:Nails Inc Sheet Mask








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