CND™ is Nailing The Boho Trend


Boho is back and its everywhere! With beach weather finally making an appearance and festival season in, the timing is good.

What is ‘Boho’ anyway? Boho is short for ‘Bohemian’, in fashion its associated with 60’s and 70’s hippies and according to The Cambridge Dictionary it means this: a person who is interested in art, music, and/or literature, and lives in a very informal way, ignoring the usually accepted ways of behaving. Sounds like one of us- A #SociallyUnapologetic HaGGLA who’s free, zero f*ucks given and loves to live life, does this sound like you?.

Back in the summer of 2005 when Sienna Miller reinvented the Boho trend, who knew
that over a decade later, we’d all be embracing its spirit yet again ….. CND™ did!
The new CND™ Vinylux™ Weekly Polish (£10.95) Boho Spirit collectioncomprises four creamy shades to suit every skin shade and summer vibe–from beach chic to festival
This new collection showcases the re-invented Vinylux™Weekly Polish, with an
innovative ergonomic brush and unique caring complex. The Italian-designed brush
allows for smooth and easy application and the infusion of keratin, jojoba oil and vitamin
E, keep natural nails hydrated and flexible.
The collection is available from pro nail salons and on line at from June. To find a pro salon near you, go to



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