Happiness: How True Are You To Yourself?

beautiful make up of glamour red gloss lips

beautiful make up of glamour red gloss lips

As you know HaGG.LA is all about happiness and the great things in life, so we were thrilled to find Lady Gaga’s very own unexpected take on happiness and on being true to herself. This video has had us thinking about the words ‘how true are you to yourself?’.

How many times have you said yes to something that you really didn’t want to do or have agreed with something when you completely disagree? ‘Being true to yourself’ is being completely honest according to your beliefs and values yet it is common and easy for many to slip into a habit of saying what others want to hear or doing what others want us to do.


According to the video we came across, Lady Gaga wanted to quit music a couple of years ago as she was tired of living on everyone elses values rather than her own and that once she decided she was not just going to yes to everything and started to say ‘no’ to the things she did not want to do or the things she didn’t not stand for, she began to remember who she truly is and as a result, she felt happier to go to sleep at night knowing and being her true self.

If you watch to the end of the video, you will see that Lady Gaga raises a great point about the way we communicate, particularly with our phones.  Whilst we spend more time texting, whatsapping and snapchatting rather than speaking on the phone or face to face, we are having more time to think before we type and get the chance to edit what we really think or were about to say which would not happen as easily when speaking with someone.

Are we answering our messages truthfully and can an emoji represent how we really feel or are we just using them express the opposite of what we are feeling in order to be liked? You know the times where you were just slightly honest and kinda told it how it is but then added a smiley emoji with kiss. Lady Gaga has certainly got us thinking about how we are going to respond to the the next message we get on our phone.

Lady Gaga’s message in this video is nothing short of great! Honesty, integrity, having your own opinion, saying no and saying what you really want to say is exactly how it should be. Being happy is about being true to yourself!

We are all about being true to yourself at HaGG.LA, there is no other way! Your thoughts, opinions and beliefs always count and you should never be afraid to share it.



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