The One Travel Blogger You Must Follow In 2018


Want to travel but don’t know where to start? This creative travel blogger explains how she broke up with the daily grind to follow her calling.

For every ‘want’ in life, there are dreamers and there are doers. Whether it’s to take that leap of faith to quit your job to start your own business or to travel the world and experience life, we all know someone who’s just gone ahead, followed their dreams and never looked back.

Meet Shanice, dubbed the ‘Travel Blogger To Follow in 2018’. Quitting hectic London life back in September 2017, she set off on her journey across the waters to follow her passion and dreams of seeing the world.

Visiting 8 countries and over 85 cities so far, Shanice has become more than just someone who just loves to travel. She’s inspired thousands along the way with her passion, mindset, creativity and ‘can do’ attitude.

We caught up with Shanice on her latest leg of her journey in Thailand to learn more about her and over the next few weeks she will be sharing her travel tips and inspo for those of you who are thinking of taking the leap and setting off across the water too.

Shanice of MoonSoulSteps

I’m Shanice, a twenty something year old from London,

England. I caught the travel bug a few years back and five months

ago, I chose to leave London and start my travels. After sorting through the

overwhelming amount of image and videos I’ve taken along the way, I am finally ready to

share my journey with the world.

Life Before Travel

I’ve worked non-stop in various job roles since the age of 17. I had a

burning passion for performing arts which faded after being involved in a

car accident. It took a very long time for me to think positively about my

future, but thankfully I managed to pull myself out of a negative mindset.

I noticed that I always felt at my best whilst planning my next holiday.

I’ve never been the hardcore party holiday girl! But creating the chance to

explore new places and learn first-hand about different cultures felt and

still feels extremely fulfilling!

Whenever I arrived home from a trip, I got way more than the holiday blues.

It was a constant urge to live, travel and create. I realised how unhappy I

was to constantly work and not feeling as good as I knew I could.

Instead of complaining, I decided to do something about it. Last summer I

decided to work flat out working 3 jobs for an entire year and then to

travel for as long as I could.

Since leaving home, I’ve had wild moments such as witnessing Tangadan

Falls in Philippines flood whilst standing a few metres away. Pushing my

mind and body to the limits by completing the Tongariro Crossing in New

Zealand, witnessing the beauty of the Whitsundays Islands in Australia and

unexpectedly spending 24 hours in Singapore.

Life Now

I’ve been away from home since September 2017. So far, I’ve visited 8

counties and over 85 cities. I’m currently Exploring in Thailand and

planning my next travel destination.

It’s the best decision I’ve ever made and I’m extremely happy to have my

family, other half and friends -they continue to be so supportive and positive.

What’s Next

I’ll be continuing my travels and sharing my stories in a creative way.

I’d like to sprinkle my “can do” attitude around to those who feel stuck

and unable to set themselves free. I’ll be sharing more in-depth posts about

my traveller’s tales on HaGGLA and the platforms below:

Keep an eye out to see where Shanice is next and what tips she has to offer.


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