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How To Remove Lash Extensions

Remove Your Lash Extensions Without Damaging Your Lashes

Falsh lashes, lash perming, lash extensions you name it, not only have I had them all but have also offered these popular services in our salons and spa’s. So you could say I am a bit of an expert and thanks to my normally fine and tiny lashes i’m also a lash extension addict.

I ditched stripped lashes, lash perming and mascara for lash extensions and personally I prefer it as it saves me a lot of time.

So whats the deal with my lash extensions? I get them done every three to four weeks by my lash technician Zaynab who is always amazed how my lashes are in such great condition after removal. I use to have a cycle of two infills and a complete removal before a fresh set. So one after a fresh set they are kept on and just topped up for two visits before removing them again for a fresh set. Now I keep them on and have infills every three weeks and remove them every four to six months.

How do lash extensions feel?

I remember thinking this exact question before getting them done and after over two years having them done, I have the answer. I actually cannot feel that they are even there, I can see they are there yet cannot feel them.

Its the best thing i’ve ever done as I use to rub my eyes a lot and this was not good for the skin beneath my eyes. My eyes would end up sore and feeling dry from all the rubbing, this was awful from an anti-ageing point of view.

How I remove my lashes

I’ve seen tonnes of video’s and articles saying to use vaseline or oil based-eye makeup remover, however I prefer to take a hot shower or go to the steam room so the lashes loosen a little then use a lash remover to remove them. I believe it is the most safest way to remove your lashes. If I have time, I ask my lash lady to do it for me.

How do I keep them looking fresh?

I brush my lashes every day using the spiral brush my lash techician gives me on every visit. I keep them clean by gently washing my eye area. I also get away with going to the steam room a couple of days before my infills are due so they are nice and clean.

Its really important to visit a fully qualified lash technician and do your homework before choosing one. Quality and care matters so read the reviews and check out their social media pages.

Have a break from having your lashes too. Be sure not to plan any swimming dates or spa days as you cannot get them wet for 24 hours after they’ve been applied and finally unless you want them to come off avoid oil-based eye makeup remover

By Natasha J Gordon



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