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How to get into shape Like An Influencer

Ever wonder how those fitness girls we often scroll past on Instagram get into shape? I use to scroll through social media and on some day’s i’d be motivated by pictures of fitness girls, female bodybuilders and athletes and on other days i’d feel a little down because I wasn’t in shape. I could use every excuse under the sun why I was not in shape such as not having time or that I was tired etc, however the truth is, I just…..well had no excuse.

It wasn’t until nothing started to fit and that my energy levels were at an all time low that I decided to take action and embark on a mission to get fit and rather than feeling down about scrolling past fitness girls on social media, I decided to go all in and turn myself into a fitness girl.

What did I do?

Firstly I took an image of what I wanted to look like and put it on my vision board. Then I joined the gym.

I literally had no clue what to do in the gym so I just went on the treadmill for runs and used the rower, exercise bikes and stepper. I also did a few classes.

I did this for two or three months and whilst I was feeling fitter, my shape wasn’t really changing. I actually may have even been getting bigger and this was mainly due to my eating habits. Whilst I was exercising, the weight and excess body fat didn’t shift because my eating was still bad. It even got worst because I was hungrier after exercising so i’d reach out for quick and easy food, which wasn’t always the healthiest.

It wasn’t until I started doing strength training, HIIT and Cardio that my body shape started to change. I lifted weights four times a week and did two HIIT classes plus morning cardio.

I also changed my diet and introduced more protein, clean carbs and veg. I drank more water and took multivitamins.

Being consistent is what made the most difference. Patience was also key to my success, I knew I wasn’t going to immediately look like a fitness girl so I didn’t have any high expectations. I just took everyday as it came. I’d had four kids for god sake and i’d never been a slim girl….like ever.

I studied fitness and college and uni and my husband is a bodybuilder and is one of the best trainers out there, he is the PT’s trainer so PT’s come to him for advice. He helped me with a program which i’m now able to help others with.

Here are some ways to get into shape like a fitness girl on insta:

  1. 1. Low Resistance Morning Cardio- 45 minutes of light walking or cycling before breakfast. The idea of this is that you tap into your fat stores to use the energy so you use the fat to burn the fat. Check with GP first if you have any medical conditions.
  2. 2. Strength Training- I have two legs days (Quads on one day, Hams and calves on the other), Back day, Chest Day and Arms. I tend to do abs as an add on twice a week.
  3. 3. HIIT- Add one or two HIIT sessions a week.
  4. 4. Diet – If you want to lose body fat then you’ll need to be in calorie deficit and if you want to gain, you’ll need to be in calorie surplus. A diet with sufficient protein, veg and salad is really important.

5. Eat little and often to speed up your metabolism. I use to think it was cool to skip breakfast and lunch, only to realise that this wrecked havoc with my metabolism, slowing it down and making me put on weight

  1. 6. Consistency- Make a plan and stick to it. Lifestyle changes and creating positive habits is the way forward. Moving forward when you really can’t be bothered to is the difference between reaching your goals and not.

I’m still on the journey and staying consistent

By Natasha J Gordon, Lead Coach

If you would like to know more and want some help with your fitness and or relationship goals, email for coaching: coaching@hagg.la


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