How To Be Happy


How To Be Happy

We all deserve to be happy, yes you heard right, you deserve to be happy! It’s our god given right to be happy except a lot of us forget this sometimes. Its really easy to forget how to be happy, many things can contribute to being out of sync of our own happiness. It could be work stress, poor health, relationship problems and more, however there are ways to make you happier so you can deal with any issues you may be going through in a more positive way and become content.

Here are 6 Ways Bring On Happiness:


Smiling releases chemicals called endorphins which are responsible for making us happy as well as helps lower stress levels. Who would have thought this ‘free to us all’ easy technique could have such a powerful effect?

If more people could get motivated to smile more, the world would be a less stressful and happier place because happiness breads happiness.

If You find it hard to smile at people, practice just smiling in the air then when you feel comfortable, smile at cats or dogs then shift to start smiling at people. Not only will you make yourself feel better, you could make the person’s day by smiling at them. Smiling and happiness is contagious therefore, you could find yourself starting a chain reaction of happiness.

Its free, costs nothing to smile!

Give Yourself Some Self Love

Lack of self love can lead to feelings of unhappiness. Its easy to fall into the trap of unworthiness but you shouldn’t feel unworthy.  You are worthy of being happy. Everyone has reasons to love themselves, its just that you’ve forgotten. Think of all the times you’ve helped someone or been there for someone who needed you. You felt worthy of helping someone so now feel worthy of loving yourself.

Be full of yourself! Whilst we dislike those who love themselves, those that do seem to do just fine.

Take a look in the mirror and say ‘I love you’. It will seem a little strange at first but you’ll get use to it. The idea is that you consistently do it therefore it becomes a habit that accumulates feelings of self-love.

Give yourself a hug and say ‘I am worthy’.


Exercise releases happy chemicals. We get told this time and time again though its easy to forget when you are down in the dumps. Whist its easier to reach out for sugary snacks, crisps and the duvet because that’s how we see people do it on TV or in movies, its not the way to long term happiness. Not gonna lie, it does give you a temporary feeling of comfort but normally follows with ‘why did I finish that full packet of Doritos on top of that bag of M&M’s’.

Get out into the fresh air, go for a walk, jog, sprint, swim, cycle ride and actually make use of your gym membership if you have one. How many of us pay for gym membership and just don’t go. If you don’t and thinking its to expensive because you have other stuff to pay for, think where you can trim down to invest in your fitness. If the gym is not for you, then join a class or put on some trainers and go for that run. It doesn’t cost a thing.

Up Your Water

Poor water intake can lead to all sorts of problems. Rather than reaching out for caffeine or fizzy drinks where a ‘come down’ may follow the quick buzz, up your water in take. Instead of feeling dehydrated and lethargic, feel fresh and hydrated. If you don’t like plain water, pimp it up and add fruit such as chopped strawberries, orange, lime or mint leaves to it.

Vitamin Check

Ensuring you are getting your correct dose of vitamins and nutrients is really important. Sometimes feeling low could be down to you being low on certain vitamins and minerals. Taking regular multivitamins and even getting a check up with your GP to make sure you are not low on anything can help.

Meditation or Chill Out Time

Taking some time to chill and quiet the mind can calm or stop the inner chatter especially if its really negative. Meditation is great for this because it allows you to relax and focus on your breath rather than the dialogue that is going on in your mind.

If meditation is difficult for you then practicing mindfulness is also great. There are tons of ways to practice mindfulness, it takes practice but the benefits are great. Anything that can help you to live in the moment is what you want.

Gratitude Journal

Write a gratitude journal. Its easy to forget what we should feel happy about. Writing a gratitude journal helps us to remember all the things we have that some less fortunate people don’t have.

Evening gratitude writing is good for recapping for the things that have occurred during the day. The more we become aware of the good things in life, the more we will see. Its like when you focus on a particular colour, you start seeing that colour everywhere.

Like anything, being happy takes practice and the more you do it, the better you will get. The best thing about being happy is that it takes the same energy to be happy as it does to feel down. Do everything it takes to make you happy because you are worthy of happiness and more.

The NHS website has more tips on how to be happy


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