Hair Trend: What Is Glass Hair?


What is Glass Hair & What Can I Use To Get It

Glass Hair is the latest sleek, shiny new hair trend aka the ‘bob’ that’s taking over right now. The name ‘Glass Hair’ comes from its razor sharp cut, high definition and shine.

Whilst the Kardashians have made it an overnight instagram trend, we remember Posh Spice donning the sleek bob back in the day.

The bob was around long before The Spice Girls though. I remember seeing pics of the sleek cut in salon windows many years ago. We didn’t have ceramic straighteners back then, we’d have to blow dry our hair with a Denman brush over and over until every single kink was out.

The Denman brush is one of the original hairdressers brush. Its the first brush I was given to use in both the salon and in my training. Its rubber padding prevents static unlike frizz and flyaway causing plastic.

To achieve glass hair, it needs to be blow dried flat, then ironed over with hair straighteners before adding serum. Again, back in the day all we had was ‘Frizz Ease’ by John Frieda but now we have a vast amount of choice. Applying a conditioning treatment before can also add to the the slick shine. Also not forgetting a good hairdresser that can give you a great cut.

By Natasha J Gordon

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