Goodbye Full Lips: Facial trends of 2018 by Dr Milojevic


2017 saw the youngest of the Kardashian/Jenner clan become one of the biggest influencers across the globe as she fast built herself an empire. Call it the ‘Kylie Jenner effect’, but soon the likes of lip fillers, reduced smile lines and a good Instagram filter became the everyday norm.

Leading Harley Street practice Milo Clinic, home of one of the World’s top 100 doctors, Dr Milojevic has seen a rise in lip fillers within 2017. However, the expert practitioner is adamant that 2018 is set to see a shift in trends and it is all thanks to the royal engagement.

So, what are the facial trends set to take force in 2018?  Dr Milojevic gives us the rundown.

Wave goodbye to fuller lips

This year, as ‘duck lips’ took centre stage it seemed that the trend was here to stay as it became engrained within social media and celebrity culture.  ‘2017 saw a good few patients attend my practice armed with an image of Kylie Jenner’, says Dr Milojevic.  ‘In all honestly, it is not a fantastic representation of what lip treatments can achieve’.  However, as Harry proposed and Megan Markle rocketed to become one of the most famous women in the world, Dr Milojevic has already seen a change in lip augmentation requests.  ‘Megan has fantastic lips, they are natural yet full.  2018 will definitely see a more natural lip that aligns with the other features of the face and not over dominate the face’.

The big freeze is set to thaw

The image of a frozen facial look is somewhat synonymous with Botox. In the quest for eternal youth, men and women alike can perhaps take their treatments a little to far.  The Milo Clinic believe that as the population is living longer, feeling younger and becoming more and more healthcare savvy, 2018 will say ‘so long’ to the frozen look and ‘hello’ to the healthy glow.

‘Botox has come a long way.  We can now use 50% less product in certain areas of the face to achieve the look of younger and more radiant skin’ says Dr Milojevic.

Return of the facial

2018 will showcase the power of noninjectable treatments such as Dermarollers.  So much so, Dr Milojevic says that the scalpel will act as somewhat of a ‘museum piece’.  The Milo clinics demand for its two Plasmage treatments, one using blood plasma and the other using fractionated beam energy,  is also rising as patients undergo treatments with the objective of looking like the best version of themselves as appose to dramatically enhancing or modifying certain features.

‘Patients are increasingly wanting to not only achieve a natural look with their procedures, but adopt the most natural method possible to get there.  Yes, the likes of Megan Markle are influencing this however, the biggest indication of the natural trend taking hold is a new type of filler that is currently in the development stages and exclusive to us here at Milo.  It uses a patient’s own blood and is repurposed into a filler and lasts the same amount of time as a traditional filler.  It is incredibly exciting’.

‘2018 is all about skin rejuvenation and achieving a happy and healthy glow’, says Dr Nick, ‘With Megan Markle set to become the biggest influencer of 2018 and the second most Googled person of 2017, we have her to thank’.

About Milo Clinic

Dr Nick Milojevic is the owner and clinical director of the MILO CLINIC, which is one of London’s leading aesthetic medicine clinics, specialising in an array of cutting edge aesthetic procedures and treatments aimed to rejuvenate the face and body. His passion, ambition and artistic feeling for aesthetic medicine are unrivalled. He has a unique and modern approach to this fast growing field of medicine, which he believes to be the future (and increasingly the present) of Plastic surgery.

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