Food:Nudist Restaurant Closes Its Doors, What A Bummer (For Some)!

Credit: Photo by AbsolutVision on Unsplash

What a bummer for nude food fans as Paris’s first ever naked restaurant shuts its doors this February.

After just over a year of opening, it appears there are barely enough customers to keep it going.

Nudist fine dining restaurant, O’Naturel serves food dishes such as oysters, scallops, snails & Foie gras to diners who can only dine if they are completely nude. Unless you’re teenager dining with an adult, all clothes were to be hung up in the cloakroom along with mobile phones.

Posting on their facebook page with over 2k likes and plenty of 5 star comments, the restaurant has thanked everyone for coming to dinner at O’ Naturel and said they were counting on support during the month of January and early February. Also asking to not hesitate to book and enjoy a last naked dinner in Paris.

Those who want to enjoy a naked dinner experience have until 16th February 2019 before it closes so hurry if you want to give it a go.

A surge of bookings won’t be a surprising as the news of closure has spread across the globe.

The question is have you or would you dine naked in front of strangers or even your friends? Whilst there may have been a lack of diners at O’ Naturel, nudist beaches have been around for a while. France isn’t exactly a nuditiy-shy country, its known for its topless sunbathing.

Cap d’Agde in France has one of the most famous naturist resorts in the world.

There are a few nudist beaches in the UK where its completely legal to go in the nude.

London had its own naked pop-up eatery back in 2016 that attracted over 46,000 people to its waiting list.

There may well be a market for pop-up in cities for those who want a one off naked dining experience.

By Natasha J Gordon, Editor


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