Film: Deadpool 2 Review


Just when you feel like you just can’t handle another CGI-fuelled Marvel movie just yet, Deadpool 2 arrives on the big screen with a completely different take. (“Who did he have to screw to get a 2nd movie” haha)

If you’ve seen the first movie you’ll know that Deadpool (played by Ryan Reynolds) isn’t the average superhero, infact he is  obnoxious, funny and say’s inappropriate shit and in this sequel he makes you wonder how you’ll ever be able to watch another Marvel movie, without this kind of comedy again!

The movie starts with Wade Wilson (Deadpool) blowing himself up. As we go into the movie, we find out why.

His Fiancée gives him the gift of her coil in a box as a symbol of her wanting to start a family and whilst discussing names and looking forward to being a dad something happens….. obvs not gonna tell you what because that is going to spoil it for you. Let’s just say he ends up in the X Men’s house, then in a prison for mutants, before having an encounter with someone of the future (Cable).

The action-packed, hilarious movie also features Zazie Beetz who plays lucky Domino (“luck… thats not a super power!”).

Pop culture and comic book reference galore!!

Rated 15, we wouldn’t want it any other way.  It has the CGI effects of a Marvel movie, the bloodlust of a horror movie and yes the humour of an inappropriate comedy film – so basically it has it all. Great movie! Funny as hell… Bring on more breaking the 4th wall!!


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