New Eyeliner Looks: Flawless Lashes By Loreta


Stunning Eyeliner Looks 

A slick of eyeliner can transform your look in a matter of seconds. It can spruce up an outfit define a dark, smokey eye, make our lashes look longer and more.

Black is a make up bag ‘must-have’ but will the launch of three new shades from Flawless Lashes by Loreta turn your head?

From rich chocolate brown to emerald green and vibrant purple, the easy-to-apply nib adds an unique edge to your daily makeup routine.

The deep purple pigment has been made to compliment brown eyes and make them sparkle.

TIP: Apply a sheer eye shadow all over the lid and draw a thin line right across your lash-line for a demure look.

Blue eyes will really pop with the rich brown eyeliner.

TIP: Simply add it over the top of smokey eye and let your makeup to the talking. Brown also makes a great alternative to black on a day-to-day basis.

This emerald green is the perfect match for hazel eyes.

TIP: Slick on a thick but neat line to clean eyelids and pair with a nude lip for the ultimate catwalk look in a flash.

Its easy to fall in to the same old with everything, not just with experimenting with different eyeliner looks. Are you ready to add a little eye-catching colour?

RRP £19.99 Available exclusively at


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