Damask Rose Facial Oil: The Quick Fix For Tired Sensitive Skin


If the cold weather is wrecking havoc with your skin, please know that you are not alone, we’re straight up in this together.

I suffer terribly with sensitive skin and there are two things which make matters worst, cold weather and central heating. The two go together right? You can’t have one and not the other or else we’d freeze but this combination normally makes me want to cry because my skin not only usually feels painfully tight and dry, it looks tired, blotchy and uneven no matter how much moisturiser I slap on.

For many fellow sensitive skin sufferers, the cold, harsh weather and central heating are not the only culprits, sun exposure, lack of sleep, hormonal changes and many other factors could be the cause or make the problem worst.

You can only imagine how thrilled I was when I got the opportunity to review the Damask Rose Facial Oil by Green People, The Sensitive Skin Experts Since 1977.  They recently launched two 20th Anniversery special edition collections, the Damask Rose Facial Oil and Orange Blossom.

I’d known about Damask Rose Oil from my many years of studying the skin and aromatherapy but I also knew how difficult it is to get a good blend. Getting the best yield of rose petals, grown in the right environment is what makes an oil blend more effective than the rest.

Green People Damask Rose Facial Oil, also known as Rose Otto is from the Bulgarian Valley of Roses and an amazing 5 tonnes of Damask Rose petals are needed to produce just 1 kilo of organic Rose Otto.

The blend also contains avocado and jojoba oil to help nourish and soften the skin although all you can smell is the precious scent of rose which really does give you the feeling of peace and beauty.

My Verdict

I was really looking forward to using this oil, especially as my skin was suffering and looking very tired so I did a nice little ritual. Had a warm bath, gently exfoliated my skin and massaged the oil onto my dry skin before bed. It immediately felt great and my skin gratefully soaked in every single ounce I gave it.

The next morning my skin felt smoother, softer and it actually bounced back quick when I pinched it, something which has started to slow down.

Three days later people were commenting on how smooth my skin was looking and after two weeks my skin was in better condition than it has been in a very long time.

I couldn’t help but get the Demask Rose Moisturiser too and i’m still using this now. I’m too loyal to my cleanser to change it to the Damask Rose Cleanser for now but I may try this later.

For more information please visit www.greenpeople.co.uk

By Natasha J Gordon

We are not sponsored by Green People




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