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Cuffing Season:What the hell is it?

If you start finding that it sucks to be single as the nights draw in gets colder, don’t worry you won’t be not alone. Could cuffing season be the reason why?

Cuffing season is a period of time between October and around Valentines Day where singles couple up, mainly until the end of spring when it starts to brighten up.

Its that time of the year where feelings of cosiness, hand holding and walking past pumpkin latte signs near coffee shops begin to emerge.

What single and ready to mingle person doesn’t want to be cuffed up for Halloween, Mince pies and Mulled Wine and to see in the New Year especially when you see couples holding hands and your social media feed is full of loved up pics.

Weirdly even those who wouldn’t normally want to settle down want to be tied down, actually want to be ‘cuffed’, which according to Urban Dictionary means ‘Taken’.

Even Facebook’s Data show’s that people often change their relationship statuses from single to ‘In a Relationship’ between the month of October to February, then back to single again in March.

Whether its a relationship lasting longer than cuffing season or to turn hook up life into something semi-permanent its best you start doing something about it. Flirt, get on the dating apps and get yourself out there or you’ll be left lonely whilst your friends post date night pics on social media.
By Natasha J Gordon, Life Coach (Dating & Relationships)



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