Get Confident:My Secret Confidence Booster


Want to get more confident? Who doesn’t want a bit of a confidence booster every now and again.

Having confidence can be a life changer. Some have it naturally, some have it only in some areas of life and some have none. Then there are a few who have too much of it too, which isn’t always a good thing.

The Confidence Factor

Your confidence can increase or decrease depending on where you’re at in your life and for many other reasons. There’s lots of ways to help you get confident with anything, however i’m talking about just one in this post. A little secret of mine that I wanted to share for the first time ever. Something that I used a lot in my dating days.

Confidence Before An Event

I always thought I was confident, however there were times where I needed a little boost. Before going out to a bar, on a night out or before a date. Yes, alcohol would sometimes work but it wasn’t something I wanted to have all the time especially during the day.

No matter how much effort I’d put into getting ready, I’d sometimes feel that I didn’t look my best. On many occasions I’d change at least three or four times before I’d go out.

Same Outfit, Different Result

Ever worn the same outfit on different occasions and got completely different reactions even though you looked basically the same? Turning heads and nothing the next? This was me!

It never occurred to me that they way I felt and perceived how I looked was down to my confidence. I thought I was confident, however obviously I wasn’t in areas such as dating.

The Magic Potion

Things changed when I saw a friend of mine pull out a little bottle out of her bag. Just as we were leaving home before a night out, she put a few drops of the liquid from the bottle in her mouth.

Intrigued, I asked what she was taking, if it was some kind of drug. She barely drank alcohol let alone take drugs so I was a little confused.

She gave me the bottle and asked me to put a few drops underneath my tongue. After triple checking the ingredients to make sure it wasn’t some kind of drug, I tried it and forgot about it. She mentioned something about it boosting confidence.

The Result

Walking into the bar that night, I forgot I’d taken my friends magic potion aka Austrailian Bush Flower Confid Essence. Heads turned and so many guys chatted me up and bought me drinks.

I thought the drops must have worked because I didn’t do anything different that night except for take the drops.

Sounds a bit far fetched right? I thought so too until I bought a bottle for myself and for my sister. The little bottle of Confid Essence worked for her too and never failed me ever.

It doesn’t stop there, I told many of my clients who also found it worked.

Now I’m not entirely sure if it is just a placebo effect so don’t quote me. It does somehow really work for me, my sister and many of my clients from back in the day.

The little bottle of the Australian Bush Remedy Confid Essence made and appearence at Neal’s Yard in St Pancras, London last week. I popped in to have a browse whilst waiting for my train time. It had been years since i’d even thought of the essence. It’s this that prompted me to write this feature.

So many people ask about dating and confidence so I wanted to share this little secret. Who know’s it could be what helped me meet Noel.

How It Works

Described as vibrational therapy, many cultures use Flower Essences to treat emotional health and wellbeing.

The Australian Bush Flower Essences professional range of pure botanical Flower Essences are used all over the world to help manage the emotional demands of everyday life.


Confid Essence is just  one of many essences available. It contains Biogenic essences of Boab, Dog Rose, Five Corners, Southern Cross, Sturt Desert Rose, purified water and brandy as a natural preservative system.

I thought it was the brandy that gave the confidence, however it was only a few drops under the tongue so I don’t think it’s that.

The flower essences is said to brings out the positive qualities of self esteem and confidence, allowing us to feel comfortable around others. Resolving negative beliefs about ourselves and any guilt we may harbour, helping us realise we have the power to change situations.

It’s said to counter negative states such as low self esteem, guilt, shyness, lack of conviction and victim mentality and promote positive outcomes such as taking responsibility for one’s life, integrity, confidence, personal power and true to one’s self.

It’s so easy to use, you take seven drops under the tongue or in a glass of water, morning and night or before you go out.

I’m not sponsored by the product, I just think it’s something I should share with you.

Available in Neal’s Yard and other outlets

By Natasha J Gordon, Co founder of HaGGLA, Author Wife & Mum


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