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Confidence Coach: Do I need one?

Do I need a confidence coach for dating. Whilst dating can be fun and exciting, it can also require a bucket load of confidence which isn’t always easy to turn on when you need it.

Whilst never needing a confidence coach in my life, I considered getting one when my husband and I temporarily split. I am normally very confident, however the break up did knock my confidence a little bit.

The split seemed pretty final so I entered the online dating world and remember being petrified to get on the dating apps, especially after hearing some terrifying stories.

I decided to give the dating apps a go anyway and not really knowing what to do, I purchased some online confidence programs specifically around dating. Some were helpful and some were not but it was nice to have at least some guidelines for someone like me who hadn’t been on a date for over 19 years.

Technically, I had spent over 26 years helping people to feel attractive and confident in their own skin so I was clued up, however its always nice to have a reminder and sometimes even the experts need a refresher.

Over the next few days i’ll be sharing posts about my online dating experiences and also how my husband and I got back together after being on the brink of divorce as well as a few other goodies.

In answer to ‘Do I need a confidence coach’, a question we get asked all the time, the answer is yes, no and maybe. It all depends on where you’re at as some people are a natural at the dating game and some are not.

Personally, I would have one if I didn’t have the knowledge and experience of how to be confident. For me the confidence programs that I purchased served me just fine. I’m also blessed to have friends within the dating and relationship field so I could turn to them when I needed to.

If you don’t have any support then getting some help in is hugely beneficial and can change your life.

If you need support with feeling confident and attractive in your own skin, with how be and communicate in a relationship or wanting to learn how to ace the dating game. Please email us: info@hagg.la


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