British Award Winning Coffee Firm Brews Up A Cold One

Minor Figures

Following its success at outlets such as Selfridges, Harvey Nicholls, Whole Foods and several independent quality coffee shops, award-winning, hipster, cold brew coffee brand Minor Figures has arrived at Sainsbury’s.

This small British firm prides itself on making cold-brewed coffee that is lighter and cleaner than most – free from anything artificial or the preservatives and thickening agents that are found in many cold brew/iced coffees.

Available in four different flavours, Minor Figures contains up to three times less sugar than the majority of other similar drinks.  Black is completely unsweetened, Milk and Chocolate have only 2% unrefined natural cane sugar, while Coconut is sweetened with 2% coconut sugar.

Minor Figures sources the best in-season single origin beans, cold brews them in filtered water for 18 hours and then triple filters the coffee, giving the final product a light, fresh and all-natural taste.

We had the opportunity to try out the four flavours straight out of the fridge and loved that all you had to was just stick a straw in and enjoy it out of its hip juice-style carton.

All four flavours were great but we couldn’t get enough of the Chocolate Cold Brew as it tasted like a light refreshing milkshake.

Whilst we enjoyed our drinks straight out of the fridge in its carton, there’s no reason why you can’t dispense into a glass of ice and enjoy.

Available now at Sainsbury’s £2.60/250ml

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