Afternoon Tea in Cardiff With A Welsh Twist


Afternoon Tea in Cardiff

Live in South Wales or planning a visit? If there’s one thing you must do whilst in Wales, it’s a Taste of Wales Afternoon Tea. We’re talking Welsh Cakes, Welsh Brew plus the full works.

Spoiling ourselves with the full Welsh afternoon tea experience at Cardiff Bay’s Thomas Restaurant, we literally can’t stop talking about it. In fact, we’re already talking about booking our next one!

The uber chic restaurant is housed within the modern Future Inn Hotel and serves breakfast, lunch and an evening a la carte menu.

One of three hotels in the UK, the Cardiff Bay Future Inn Hotel also has events and conference facilities in a location that attracts visitors from all over the world.

Over the years we’ve had the pleasure of experiencing afternoon teas across the UK from Cornwall to Scotland, so we know a good one when we see it. It was however the first time we’d had afternoon tea in cardiff.

What Makes A Great Afternoon Tea?

There are basically no rules when it comes to afternoon tea, though it normally comes with scones, jam and clotted cream, finger sandwiches or rolls, cakes and sometimes petit fours served with a selection of tea’s or coffee.

The one thing that separates the good from the great is quality. Quantity is good but its quality that counts when it comes to choosing your afternoon tea venue. Its all good having plenty of scones, sandwiches and cakes, however if the scones are dry and everything else is sickly then there’s really no point. You may as well go to a supermarket and do it yourself.

We believe ‘handmade’ with the finest ingredients is what makes a great afternoon tea. The tradition of afternoon tea, after all was once enjoyed by the highest of society.

How is Afternoon Tea Enjoyed?

Afternoon Tea is normally a social event, a coming together or celebration, however its something you can do alone too. It’s quite a nice relaxing and enjoyable thing to do on your own as a bit of ‘me time’.

Celebrations such as baby showers, gender reveal, hen, birthdays, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and Valentine’s Day are popular reasons to enjoy afternoon tea. Some places may also have themed afternoon teas.

The Taste of Wales Afternoon Tea in Cardiff Experience

Sounds like a big statement to make, however the quirky Taste of Wales Afternoon Tea at The Thomas Restaurant in Cardiff Bay was one of the best we’ve ever had.

Fluffy scones, delicious Jam and tasty handmade cakes including traditional tiny welsh cakes and colourful meringues were what made the whole experience standout from the rest, not forgetting to mention the sandwiches and wraps that were filled with exciting flavours.

There’s nothing that disappoints us more than sandwich fillings that are bland and boring when it comes to afternoon tea. How hard can it be to add flavour? This clearly wasn’t the case here because there were nice additional ingredients such as salad, feta cheese and other bits added that made it more flavoursome than others we’d had before.

You could tell everything was handmade with only the best quality ingredients because of the taste and texture.

We started with a glass of prosecco and scones and ended with a Welsh brew (never had a Welsh cuppa before). Leaving nothing left on our plates, we were delightfully full and happy. I could only have one glass of prosecco because I was driving so I know to leave the car at home next time.

It’s hard to give just one highlight because it was all so good, we all agreed the scones were fluffiest and tastiest ever and we’ve never had such beautiful tasting meringues ever so if we really had to pick highlights those would be the ones.

There are vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free options too which look and taste amazing too so nobody is left out.

What To Wear For Afternoon Tea?

Attire normally depends on where you have your afternoon tea and for what occasion, however always check with the venue first.

There is no formal dress code for afternoon tea at the Thomas Restaurant, though it is a place that you could put on a nice outfit on for.

Special Offer

This amazing afternoon tea experience is normally served in Thomas Restaurant at Future Inn Cardiff, Monday to Sunday between 1-5pm and is for a minimum of 2 guest. Its highly under priced at £12 per person and you can get 10% off by using the code: EAT at booking. The discount is available until 30th April 2019 and excludes Mother’s Day on 31st March 2019.

You must quote the code at the time of booking for the discount to be applied. All restaurant bookings are subject to availability so book early to avoid disapointment.

Available at such a great price for such a quintessential and very tasty experience, book now by clicking the link below to avoid disappointment.

Book Now!

Disclaimer: We may receive a small commission for each booking, however this review is a true representation of our visit. Thank you for Having HaGGLA


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