Let’s face it, life has its up’s and downs. Sometimes shit happens and these downs can affect our:

Confidence, Self-Worth, Self-Image, Relationships, Career, Health and Finance.

A day or two feeling down in the dumps is perfectly ok and this is completely normal. It’s when days lead to weeks and weeks lead to months or years that it can become an issue and when this happens we forget that life was once good and that it can be great again. It’s where the feelings of disconnect, not feeling good enough and discontent begin to surface.

Having a purposeful life, career progression, financial stability, adventure, wellness (exercising & eating right) and dream love whilst maintaining independence and looking good whilst we’re at it, can seem like wishful thinking for most, however we are here to tell you it is possible to achieve the life you desire and more.

You can feel re-connected with yourself, your purpose, dreams and desires as well as with others. We’ve seen it with our own eyes and have lived it. We exist to show you how.

What Is HaGGLA


Happy– To be well and content (wellbeing)-Career satisfaction, relationships, finance, travel, food, fitness &enjoyment

Ambitious-To have a strong desire and determination to succeed

Gorgeous-To feel beautiful/attractive

Gifted- To know you’re exceptional talents or natural ability

Loved- To be romantically and sexually attracted to

Adored-To be loved very much

HaGGLA is an on demand self-development platform which offers in person coaching sessions and accountability for ambitious millennials who want to achieve both professionally and personally

Why hire a coach?

To breakthrough your limiting beliefs, be more optimistic, stop procrastination, get guidance, boost Your career, gain new ideas & Insights, be motivated, feel more confident, learn to set boundaries, be supported and finally make your dreams and desires become reality. A coach can also hold you accountable.

The Founder

I’m Natasha J Gordon, i’m a wife, mum of 4, author and the founder of HaGGLA. I’ve had several businesses and i’ve transformed the love and lives of thousands of ambitious achievers through my book, blogs and private sessions. I’ve been in the health, beauty and coaching business for over 26 years. I’m the founder of HaGGLA and we believe in people, their gifts, ambitions and goals.

We transform the confidence, love & lives of ambitious achievers who feel lost, stuck and lonely.

Breakups, relationship struggles dating overwhelm and being unhappy in your career can leave you feeling unmotivated, tired and stressed.

My life hasn’t always been perfect. A few years ago I felt like i’d lost my purpose. Feeling, lost and stuck my confidence hit rock bottom. Lacking energy, vibe and flow, it was hard. I no longer felt great about myself or my looks and marriage broke down, have you ever seen your facebook status change to single overnight?

Thankfully, I learned to take every experience as a blessing though and thanks to my knowledge and experience it didn’t take me long to not just heal and recover but to also thrive.


Feeling sexy in my own skin and connected again, I joined dating apps, went on dates, learned to be and communicate in a relationship so I wouldn’t make the same mistake again and took advantage of all the opportunities that I was attracting because of my vibe and energy.

I attracted a lot of nice guys plus I actually re-attracted my husband again and we got back together, our relationship is absolutely amazing. Our kids are super happy and life is bloody awesome! Re-connecting with myself, lifestyle changes and learning how to communicate effectively has been a game changer and I wake up happy, grateful and filled energy. I have the love, life and career I desire, most of all I am happy.

My clients have gone from break up to breakthrough, from lonely to loved up and being in a job they hated to one they love.

Success Stories

-Amber, a designer found love again after losing confidence after breakup

-Mo, a senior manager who felt unappriated at work and at home

-Michelle, a marketing director who struggled with relationships all her life met her husband and are happily in love.

-Matt just didn’t know how to go about dating after his divorce. After coaching he confidently dated and met his fiance.

-Senior Manager, Donna, struggled with self-love and self-worth after her break up, losing confidence in everything including work. She found herself again, started dating and got a new higher paid job.

Here’s How We Do It

Our 6 Step LOVE X CONFIDENCE Program gives you a road map, so that you stop hitting dead ends or getting lost on back roads, and instead take the fast lane to feeling fulfilled, desirable and loved again, having the love & life you desire without just having to just settle, living a life you can be proud of. We listen empathetically and call you out on the bullshit that’s stopping you from having the love and life you desire.

Recover, heal and thrive after heartbreak

Improve a struggling relationship

Feel sexy and confident in your own skin

Feel fitter, healthier and have more energy

Date and communicate confidently

Achieve your goals

Feel connected again

Radiate and attract the life you want

Transform your confidence, love & life in just 6 steps

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