A Splash of Magic: MiN NEW YORK Voodoo Fragrance


If you’re looking for a fragrance that attracts and captivates like magic, MiN NEW YORK fragrance Voodoo could be the only one you need.

ATTRACTION, DEPTH, INTENSITY & MYSTERY, these 4 important qualities are ever-present in body chemistry, will power, wishful thinking, mental strength, sweet surrender, magnetic personality, magical moments. VOODOO– because some attractions are inexplicable.

The eau de parfum contains top notes of Cardamom, Galbanum, Lime and Pink Pepper, heart notes of Geranium, Olibanum, Turkish Rose and base notes of Patchouli, Leather, Sandalwood, Oud.

Launched in 2014, MiN New York Scent Stories collection of fragrances is designed to evoke sensations both transcendental & tangible, recalling forgotten memories & moments of otherness.

MiN New York’s Founder and CEO Chad Murawczyk is a lifelong creative entrepreneur with 20years of experience in beauty trade and grooming products’ manufacturing. Passionate about brand positioning and intuitive when detecting global trends in luxury goods for discerning clients, he is constantly on the move.
Based in New York City but eager to be a true citizen of the world, Chad travels extensively thus living a continuous quest for inspiration. His sense of adventure is omnipresent, whether he’s snowboarding, scuba diving, or fine tuning the packaging design of the next addition to MiN New York.
“My philosophy is simple – The world doesn’t need more products, it needs better products. A
well lived life is the compilation of well lived moments. Creating the best possible objects for
discerning individuals around the world is my passion.”
Inspired by the provenance and history of Soho, Chad selected 117 Crosby between Houston & Prince Streets in Soho for the location of the MiN Flagship. One of the first luxury stores to open in the area, it soon became a shopping destination and soon other stores flocked to the area. Now one can find a plethora of unique boutiques from Supreme to Prada
within a 3 block radius. The neighborhood and its ever evolving history surrounding the flagship continues to serve a source of inspiration for the brand.

Voodoo is now available to buy for £220 from harrods.com.


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