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6 Creative Dating Ideas-HaGGLA

Have date night blues? If you can’t remember the last time you and boo did something fun together other than in the house when the kids are in bed. Check out these six creative dating ideas that are guaranteed to get the conversation started. You’ll have so much fun that you’ll forget to even mention anything kids or work related.

1. Visit a bowling alley, play a game or if you don’t want to bowl then play snooker, pool, space hockey or any other fun games that are there. I did this recently with my husband and we ended the evening taking some hilarious pictures in the photo booth.

2. Go to an unusual place to eat. There are plenty of these around, you just have to search for them. A couple of my favourites were a retro cereal place that served nothing but cereal, a theatre restaurant that had very strange artwork, especially in the toilets and a place where you pick your ingredients and take it up to a chef to cook for you.

3. Take a spontanous road trip. Fill the car up with fuel and just drive somewhere on an unplanned adventure. One time we left the kids with the grandparents and ended up in Amsterdam. Other times we’ve ended up in Edinburgh, Ramsgate beach and South Wales, where we eventually moved to because we loved it so much.

4. Go for a couple’s massage. This was a really nice experience, especially as we thought we’d be in separate rooms and ended up in the same room. My husband did try not to laugh when the lady asked if I wanted my boobs rubbed. At least she asked though rather than just go for them.

5. Get lost in a market like Camden Lock and visit some cool shops. A favourite of ours is Cyberdog which always gives us a buzz. Glastonbury has some really different shops too.

6. Have an extreme adventure experience such as quad biking, Escape Room experience or go karting. The thrill of these experience will be remembered forever.

Be sponanous, have fun and enjoy. Try and get one in at least every three months in between your normal date nights. If you don’t have date nights or date days once a month then you and I need to have a chat.



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