5 Harsh Realities of Not Searching For The Best Deal


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  1. Why pay more when others are paying way less than you. Its aways a bummer when you find out that someone has paid less for the same thing you’ve just bought. By not searching for the best deal and shopping around, you are missing out on a whole lot of savings on the things you are buying. Imagine being able to buy and do more with the savings you make by searching for the best deal.
  2. Shops and companies are counting on you to not take advantage of the best deals they are giving so you make up for the people who taking up the offers of their deals, therefore going back to ‘others are paying way less than you’. This enables them to still make good money overall as you fund those who searching for best deals, using vouchers and discounts. Don’t lose out, shop savvy and get more for your money!
  3. Searching for the best deals can actually make you look cool these days. With 9 out of 10 people aged between 18 and 34 using sites like lastminute.com, Groupon, Amazon, bragging about a good bargain can actually make you seem great for sharing. Watch your friends eyes light up as they think about getting the same deal as you.
  4. You can experience lots more things before you actually decide what you like and want to pay full price for. There are deals available online for yoga classes, gyms, pilates and many other things to keep you fit and happy. We’ve all been there when we’ve paid a lot of money upfront for classes and gym membership, only to find out two weeks in that it’s not really for you. If you’ve paid less by getting a good deal then it doesn’t matter as much than if you paid full price, it kind of lessens the blow.
  5. There is nothing like the buzz you get when you find a good deal, you are missing out on the wonderful feeling of bagging a bargain.

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