Date Night After Lockdown Felt Weird

Date Night After Lockdown

Single mum Leah had just got to grips with online dating when the Pandemic hit at the beginning of 2020.

She’d been on a few dates with a selection of guys who made the cut out of the 100’s who were not even close, dick pics, asking for bikini pics and late night stalkers included.

“It Just Felt Awkward”

One guy, however stood out and after a few back and forth message, Gavin asked Leah out on a date. Like any high value man would do, he booked the date well in advance rather than asking her to come over to his at 9pm on the same day.

Plans were made for drinks and food then Boris made his announcement, the UK was going into lockdown.

Sticking to the rules, Leah & Gavin facetimed and whatsapped until some of the restrictions lifted.

This meant that could meet outdoors. So they went for walks.

Becoming closer and closer they agreed to go exclusive and once more restrictions were lifted they did the usual dinner and stay at each others houses.

Leah had a little girl so it wasn’t easy to get childcare so you can imagine the delight when Leah’s parents offered to babysit the weekend that all the bars were open.

“My feet were hurting”

Gavin chose a bar in Central London, it had been a while since any of them had been out to a bar. Excited and all dressed up Leah answered the door to Gavin before they jumped into an Uber in the city.
Arriving at the bar Leah thought it would be fun like the old days but to her surprise it felt weird. It felt awkward, it was the first out out date since she’d met Gavin and suddenly rather than chilling at home on the sofa, they were in a bar full of people and loud music.

Unlike pre-covid times, there were no seats and Leah was all dressed up and wearing a pair of stunning high heels. It had been a over a year of wearing flats and slippers working from home so standing in high heels was starting to get really uncomfortable.

On top of this, the music was so loud that she couldn’t hear anything Gavin was trying to say to her. The only thing she could do was to awkwardly bop to the music, remembering that Gavin had never seen her do that before. Being in a bar full of people with loud music was very different to cuddling up on the sofa, watching movies and eating cheesecake.

I just wanted to go home

For someone who use to be out most nights of the week, Leah struggled. By 10am she was ready to leave the club, however she didn’t want to say anything to Gavin. He could see that she wasn’t enjoying being in the bar so he suggested they went for some street food, however to their disappointment most places were closed due to Covid-19.

Eventually, they gave up and went back to Gavin’s with some snacks and Ice cream bought at the local late night supermarket and cuddled up on the sofa.

Leah and Gavin ended up enjoying the evening back at home and have discovered that they don’t need to go out out to have fun. It was a great excuse to get dressed up though and Gavin thought Leah looked amazing in her heels, something he had not seen since they started dating so everything worked out in the end.

By Natasha J Gordon

Lead Dating & Relationship Coach

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