Australia Day: 7 Of The Best Aussie Sayings


    Streuth! Its really cold in the UK right now but that doesn’t stop us from getting down and under with our Australian friends to celebrate Australia Day today. As we don’t have budgie smuggler-wearing weather, we probably won’t be putting any shrimps on the barbie just yet, but we can get still get into the spirit and have a g’day no matter where we are in the world. Here are some of the best aussie sayings to get you in the mood.

    1. Barbie- BBQ
    2. Drink With The Flies- To drink alone
    3. Cost big bikkies- Expensive
    4. Rack Off- Go away
    5. Fair Dinkum- True
    6. Beauty-Great
    7. Good on ya- Well done, Good work

    If you are lucky to be in Australia right now, ‘good on ya’, enjoy!


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